Newbie with conceptional question

Hi group,

I'm hopefully right in here, coming frm perl trying to realize my first
rails project with support from dhh's book in my hands.

I have the following (simple?) task : A user shall be able to submit
different data in different forms and at the end of the process this
data shall be stored in different tables. First page asks for adress
data, second one for order details, third for shipping details and the
last for payment info. (4 tables so far).

So I (should?) store all the info in a session object just like a
virtual shopping cart? So far i need 4 models: Adress, Orderdetail,
Shippingdetail, Paymentinfo. If I create 4 inputforms now, I can push
the data into my tables just in time, this is, what I dont want.
Instead I need to hold the given data in my session object and store it

So I should create another model for my sessionobject and name it Cart?

After reading an realizing the example from dhh's book I am a liitle
Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

Thx in advance

Hi Roderick,

thx for your answer. I think passing already given data in hidden
fields is not an option (so I did using Perl), cause theres too much
stuff to get into my bag.

Partial validations ... I read about and used simple validations, I did
not know, that its possible to use them in that way? But will read
about it ... hopefully find something.


Hi Jason,

I recommend using session object, it's easier and you also will not
need to update your hidden fields if you add some new data inputs.