I downloaded Ruby, gem, and mysql and followed your tutorial. I also checked other postings on routing error andf followed 'Leon A' sugggestion to a similar problem.

I successfully install ruby and gem according to your instruction in "Rolling w/ Ruby on Rails book in Radar – O’Reilly,

i create: ruby script\generate controller Mytest

which opens SciTE editor and i type:

class MytestController < ApplicationController   def index     render_text => "Hello World"   end end

i run my firefox browser on and i get:

Routing Error

Recognition failed for "/My_Test/"

Please help

my environment is win XP sp2 firefox 1.5

Don't put caps in the middle of a word unless you want Rails to put an _Underscore between the words. try mytest

analyst wrote:

your suggestion caused me to look at how I was handling caps/nocaps throughout, and I saw that i wasnt consistent when i ran the command -      ruby script\generate controller Mytest

i re-ran the ruby script making sure I matched case I also got rid of the '=>' assignment operator as it was causing a sytax error the corrected script below called 'mytest_controlled.rb' myworked ;

class MyTestController < ApplicationController   def index     render_text "hello World!"   end end

thanks so much for your prompt reply. I was going to throw ruby out the window, just like i did with php.

instead, I am now more motivated to continue with the tutorial and learn the tool so I can build my first website , in order to promote my company