newbie REST confusion

So I am trying to do the simple action of updating user information(the model is named spec) that may not exist in the first place. Meaning I have one view for both new and update. I think theres something wrong with my variables or something, not sure...but here is my code:

in the spec controller:   def edit     @title = 'Edit User Information'     @user = logged_in_user     @user.spec ||=     @spec = @user.spec   end

  def update     if @user.spec.update_attributes(params[:spec])       flash[:notice] = "Specs updated"       redirect_to user_path(logged_in_user)     end   end

this is the edit view: <% form_for :spec, :url => spec_url,             :html => { :method => :put } do |form| %>   <fieldset>     <legend><%= @title %></legend>

     <%= error_messages_for 'spec' %>      <%= text_field_for form, "first_name" %>      <%= submit_tag 'Create', :class => "submit" %>   </fieldset> <% end %>

This is really confusing, but I dont think its a complicated problem. thanks.

Hi --