newbie, reciving a hash from the view

hi, i am new in ruby, i have to do the next

Send a hash (key are strings and values are booleans) to the view, show
it like check box in the view, using string like nome and the value like
check or not checked, and recover this hash modified to the controller
for work with it
so i wrote this

in the view

<%@arquitectures.each do |key, value| %>
<%=key.to_s%> <%=check_box(key, value, {}, true, false) %>

in the controller

before_filter loadArchitectures #here load @architectures
def create
        @architectures.each do |key, value|
            if value


But when i see the values of @architectures after they are
the originals values.
Some help please (and sorry for my english)

It doesn't look like you are changing the objects in @architectures at
all (or indeed using the values at all (apart from controlling how
many new architectures you create)
Also you appear to be misusing check_box slightly - the intent is that
the first argument is the name of an instance variable and the second
the name of a boolean attribute.


i use the hash @architectures, just for create news Architectures,
because the names of the architectures can change dinamically, so with
the hash i collect the possibles names and, in the view, if the user
check it, i create the new architecture, or if the user unchecked i
delete it (but this part is not show in the post)

could you suggest me some code please?
Thanks a lot