newbie questions

I have not used the Wrox book, but certainly Why's guide is the
accepted introduction to ruby, and the Agile Dev with Rails book is the
best way to be learning up-to-date stuff with 1.2.

As for this problem, %5 is a url-encoded backslash. Seems like a string
escaping problem... I would be curious to back-trace where it comes
from. Is the backslash in the form tag on the original page? Is it in
the url visible in the browser? Or does it just show up in the params
array? I suspect it's in the original page, in which case it would help
if you could post the code generating the form.

Hope that helped,


Jeff Beddow wrote:

When you say it is in the input.html, do you mean the view template on
the server, or the page that is actually sent to the browser? We can
help you best if you post the following: the exact code in this
controller action, the exact code in the view for this action, and the
exact html which gets generated by the server.