Newbie: How to refer to 'this' instance's items


I believe you’re finding it difficult because your associations aren’t quite setup right.

If you want to use from_account_id and to_account_it in operations, this suggests two assocaitions

You might model it something like this.

class Account < ActiveRecord::Base

has_many :operations_from, :class_name => “Operations”,
:foreign_key => “from_account_id”, :order => “actual_date”

has_many :operations_to, :class_name => “Operations”, :foreign_key => “to_account_id”, :order => “actual_date”

def has_operations?

operations_from.count > 0 || operations_to.count > 0



When you’re inside the account model you shouldn;t use Operation.find
class methods much if at all. You should use the assocation
methods setup by the has_many and belongs to.

You should use this version of your migrations for this.

create_table “operations”, :force => true do |t|

t.column "actual_date",     :datetime

t.column "amount",          :decimal

t.column "from_account_id", :integer

t.column "to_account_id",   :integer


You should setup the belongs_to call similarly to the has_many



Yeah Ruby’s great. I really like it but I don’t get enough time on it either :wink:

Glad I could help.