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I have a view, where I need to display some text and then after 5 seconds, redirect to an action automatically (sending one parameter too).

Googling I've found only solutions for PHP and others, nothing for Ruby on Rails.

How can I do in ROR ?

Many thanks in advance

Hi! (Ciao), I do something like what you want with ajax components. I've used an observer... now i've not the code, but if you write to me I can send it

bye, Mario

Since this is client-side behavior, it has nothing to do with PHP, RoR or any other platform. You can do this using either JavaScript or a META tag.

For the latter, put something like this in the head of your layout:

  <%= @refresh %>

:: and something like this in your controller:

@refresh = '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5;url=/foo/param"/>'

:: with the appropriate values.


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