(Newbie) Database (MySQL) config pb

Hello there,

Beginning to read the Agile Web Development With Rails book.

I have a strange pb with database configuration. I have configured user/password in the database.yml file, and that seems to please the scaffold generating script, but in order to get the application running, it seems that I must have a root@localhost Mysql user without any password. If not I have an "Access denied.." message.

I can't find where to modify this (and I'm not comfortable with a root/(void)) account...

Some hints ?


Linux Debian/Sarge MySQL 4.1.11 lighttpd-1.4.13 (using FastCGI) Ruby version 1.8.2 (i386-linux) RubyGems version 0.9.0 Rails version 1.1.6 Active Record version 1.14.4 Action Pack version 1.12.5 Action Web Service version 1.1.6 Action Mailer version 1.2.5 Active Support version 1.3.1 Application root /my/path/to/depot Environment development Database adapter mysql

This is probably obvious, but it's good to start at the very beginning. In your database.yml file, under development, it should look something like this:

development:   adapter: mysql   database: depot_development   username: brycem   password: secret   host: localhost

this is the hash for the depot app and a WebBrick server running under development mode. It could be that you're inadvertently running in production in test mode which would then produce the error you're getting. Also, make sure the name of your database (depot_development) matches up.

I know this is rudimentry, but I made a lot of obvious errors when I first began the Agile Web book.