newbie alert! tagging with tags with spaces

I just installed act_as_taggable plugin. It works great. I played with it for a bit, but then I realized it can not create tags with spaces. So a couple of questions - Any thoughts on downsides of creating tags with spaces. I know that works the same (without spaces), however many other sites allow spaces in tags - Any readily available hack to modify act_as_taggable plugin


The acts_as_taggable plugin by DHH lets you use tags with spaces if you put quotes around them.

blog.tag_with( '"ruby on rails" web programming' ) will tag the blog item with three tags, "ruby on rails", "web" and "programming".


Thanks Jeff. I also tried acts_as_taggable_on_steroids. The download server was down for last few days, and is now up. This one seems to support comma separated tags with spaces out of the box, which is a better user experience. No need to use quotes

However the steroids plugin doesn't appear to as mainstream as compared to the standard one acts_as_taggable one. Does anybody know of any issues in using the steroids one?