newbea question

Suneeta Km wrote:

Ibrahim Dogru wrote:

I have t_project model and want to get "id" and "from_date" datas. how
can I call them I didnt understand codes at all. I need to add the
values to textbox ? could you pls check the model .

Is "id" and "from_date" the fields in table t_projects? Do you want to
insert data
into this table or edit the current data?

"id" and "from_data" are the fields in the table. I want to insert data
from fields to textbox in view. is it possible ? I got two textbox one
is for id one is for from_date..

thanks for your reply...

<%= text_field "t_project", "id" %>
<%= text_field "t_project", "from_data" %>

this will populate the text box with the value in the table