Newb question:

Hi all,

Another newb online... trying belongs_to and has_one constructs for
the first time.

table Location defined as:
  nickname, street, city, ... , contact_id

the model includes "belongs_to :contact"

table Contact defined as:
  name, title, ... , location_id

the model includes "has_one :location"

When I build a list_contacts view, I assume
h(contact.location.nickname) will make the connection. However Rails
returns nil for contact.location. (Verified the linkage is present,
thanks to script/console.) Seems like I'm missing something very
simple, but I'm stumped. Ideas?

Austin, Texas

You have 2 columns locations.contact_id and contacts.location_id. Of
these, only locations.contact_id is used by the associations you have

class Location < AR::Base
  # This will lookup locations.contact_id to find the association
  belongs_to :contact

class Contact < AR::Base
  # This will also lookup locations.contact_id to find the association
  has_one :location

Make sure that locations.contact_id is populated in your DB, and that
you haven't mistakenly populated contacts.location_id instead.

BTW, if you need to query a list of contacts, think about the
performance of using associations.

Option 1:
contacts = Contact.find(:all)
# Each call to c.location triggers a DB query to delay load the
location for that contact
contacts.each { |c| c.location.nickname }

Option 2:
contacts = Contact.find(:all, :includes => [:location])
# All locations are loaded upfront, so there is only ever 1 DB call
contacts.each { |c| c.location.nickname }