(Newb alert) One-to-many...

Hey! I’m decent at Ruby, but pretty darn new to Rails. Working through some tutorial stuff, and don’t fully understand what direction to take. I want to create a one-to-many association; how do I accomplish this? Do I create the association with MySQL (the DB I’m using) first, and then just have Rails take advantage of it? Do I use “migration” (which I only kinda-sorta “get”)? Or is there some other mechanism entirely?

Apologies for how dumb this probably sounds; trying to get the full feel of Rails, and there are definitely some places I’m still not quite understanding the concepts.



Have you read these?

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In general you should make changes to your DB through migrations only, so you can reverse, repeat, insure identical changes are made to other (deployment) systems, etc.

Work right through a good tutorial such as railstutorial.org (free to use online) and all the basics (including associations) will become clear.


Example: an owner has many cats.

In your Cat model, add the line:

belongs_to :owner

in your Owner model, add the line:

has_many :cats

You then need to run a migration on your cats table, to add the foreign key for owners, so Rails can build the associations. From the command line:

rails g migration add_owner_id_to_cats owner_id:integer

This should create a migration file (in the /db folder), with something like the following in it:

class AddFooToPosts < ActiveRecord::Migration

def change

add_column :cats, :owner_id, :integer # ie, table, field name, field type



then, run your migration.

rake db:migrate

Thanks to the convention over configuration approach, rails will automagically work out that owner_id is a foreign key to the owners table. from there, you’ll be able to access cats through owners, and owners through cats:

mog.owner # “Steve”

steve.cats.first # “Mog”

That, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg - you can define all kinds of odd relations, and customise them as much as you want.


NB: AddFooToPosts would be AddOwnerIdToCats, I just messed up the copy paste.