New Rubyist, trying to learn a simple contacts storage app

Hi Everyone,

Here is the code I currently have:

contacts =

x = 0
y = 0

if x <= 5
puts “What contact would you like to add?”
ui = gets.chomp, ui)
puts “Contact added is #{contacts}”
x += 1
y += 1
puts “X is #{x}, Y is #{y}” # so I know if the values are being incremented
puts “You’ve reached the maximum # of contacts.”

Also, how can I print a hash to the console without a key value?

Thank you

Is this to be part of a Rails application? You don't have a console
in a rails app, everything is done via the browser.


Colin :

The Rails console can be accessed a few ways but in a rails app it’s a terminal command :

RAILS_ENV=development bundle exec rails c

This will load the code and dependencies and give you a console.

There are other ways to run code in situ, like the gem better_errors (with binding of caller) which will allow you to execute most commands in a browser like you would in a rails console session.


The key / value pairs can be iterated like this:

str = ‘’
contacts.each do |key, value|
str += key.to_s + ’ : ’ + value + ', ’

puts 'contacts output : ’ + str

There are more compact ways to do this but will not be as easy to see what is happening.

Kind Regards,


Thank you, Douglas. It’ll take me a bit to see what your code is doing but I’m determined to learn. I appreciate it!

puts yourHash.to_yaml