New project in Merb or Rails?


I'm going to create a new web application. Currently I did all my
with PHP/Zend Framework, but I want to explore new things, so I want
give Ruby and Rails/Merb a try. :slight_smile:

So I've learned the Ruby basics and now I'm questioning myself if I
start developing using Merb or Rails? I don't like (some internals of)
so when using Rails I would try to use DataMapper. Concerning the
merge of Rails&Merb, I'm not sure whether I should start the project
with Merb or Rails?

What do you think, is Rails 3.0 becoming more like Merb or Rails 2?
what framework would require less effort to make it Rails 3


Given the amount of support Rails have, I think you will face less
migration issues (and I think there will be many) with a Rails project
rather than a Merb one. Not to spark a debate here, but like what
Roderick says about the userbase, you have a lot more people using
Rails and naturally, there will be more collective support.

There are many frameworks and micro-frameworks available .
like sinatra, camping , rails , merb , nanoc etc .
Of those I believe RAILS has the most documentation and can be used
for any
efficiently for any scaling applications .
Besides hostings are also available for Rails without hassles.

Merb is going to be merged into Rails 3. Here's the blog post:

Obviously, I'd go with Rails :wink:



Be a little careful with your thinking here or you may be very
surprised at what eventuates as rails 3 :wink:

Learn rails: