New open source web site development anouncement

A new project just started at google code --

Here is a project description: web site lets people post their environment
cleaning experiences. Whether you go to a beach, a picnic, or a hiking
trip, think about how to bring some trash back home from the nature --
not only "what you bring to the nature take back home" kind of things,
but think about the other stuff that are left laying around by others.
As you do it, make a picture of the bag full of trash (or it could be
a picture of some really interesting finding that does not naturally
belong to the environment), and post a blog story to the web site.
Don't forget to specify where you found it and how much does it
weight. Over time some interesting statistics will be accumulated and
shared with the world to see the progress.

The project is done in Ruby on Rails, it currently uses the Edge 1.99,
will migrate to the rails 2.0 as soon as it becomes available. Some of
the cool technologies the project uses is google maps that integrates
with rails ajax, server side updates, etc...

The code is free to share -- everyone is welcome look at the code as
well as to contribute some cool ideas, the site is hosted at