new comer

Hi all,

i am new comer for ruby on rails. so please any body help to me.. to create one form and validation to connect with mysql and insert data


  1. Go to

  2. Type in search box: rails 2.1 tutorial

  3. Click on interesting links

  4. Read

  5. Go back to step 3

As of here it becomes optional:

  1. Buy book on Rails

  2. Read

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

Your best bet is to start out just like everyone else has and do your
research on the net with tutorials and then buy some books to learn

Here is a really good Rails 2.x tutorial to get you going

Also, you may want to invest in some good books such as "Simply Rails
2" from Sitepoint and "The Rails Way" by Obie Fernandez. Both books
cover Rails 2.x extremely well and will have you building some apps in
no time.

Also, (this helped me more than any books ever could!) you may want to
download some code and really study it and play with it.

I downloaded both apps from the following places and literally learned
a ton in just about 30 minutes of checking out the code... - open source social network that you can
download. - Radar, this is a forum
app done quite well that the author is continuously improving.

That should get you going on your way. Good luck!


you have chosen ruby on rails it’s really great

As others told go through blogs… google search… etc


if you have any doubts you can ask but not total concept ok…

with regards