New beta of Komodo 4.0 includes basic Rails code-completion

Hello, and please excuse the commerical announcement.

We've just shipped beta3 of Komodo 4 with basic Rails code-completion.

When you edit a Ruby or RHTML file in one of the standard
Rails directories, like app/controllers, app/models, or app/views/...,
Komodo's Ruby-based code-completion will include the Rails API.
At this point it only works while you're typing an identifier.
For example, at the class level of a model class, if you type "val"
you should immediately see a popup listing all the names in that
scope that start with "val", like "validates_acceptance_of".

The code-completion works in RHTML files as well, and is
context-senstive. If you move from Ruby code to HTML or CSS,
the code-completion changes as well.

I'm looking forward to hearing feedback on this feature.


From the official announcement


Komodo 4.0 Beta 3 is now available. This release includes over 100 bug
fixes to Beta 2 and some new features. Our current plans are to have a
final release in early 2007, with one or two more Beta releases as we
further refine the user experience, fine tune the Code Intelligence
features, improve performance and squash more bugs.

You can download Komodo 4.0 Beta 3 at:


You might want to extend that feature to the lib and vendor/plugins directories as well…Sounds great, can’t wait to check it out.

The challenge in this drop was to work out code-completion
on the standard Rails library, and we targeted version 1.3.1
(I think -- going by memory here). We'll probably ship a utility
that can work with vendor-supplied or custom-modified versions
of Rails later.

However you can get code-completion on most Ruby libraries
outside the standard directories by adding them to

- Eric

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