NetBeans IDE 6.0

Hi there !

I came across the NetBeans IDE and also the screencasts.

Here are the links for screencasts:

D/L Link :

I'm now on Kdevelop and not yet tried NetBeans and its ~80 Mb of D/L.
If any of you had tried it out, do post your views.

-- Arjun.

I’m quite impressed after just 1 morning of using it. The code exploration features are great. You can CTRL+click on any Rails/Ruby method and it jumps to the exactly line in the base library where it’s defined. That’s something I really liked in the Zend PHP editor. It’s great for learning.
The code completion and inline docs are also pretty handy. It integrates with CVS pretty well (inline diffing, commits, etc).

I read this install howto which was helpful:


I’ve looked at netbeans as well but I have yet to figure out how you can move around your project’s files without having to use your mouse and navigate through a file dialog. To me that’s a showstopper. Also the type navigation system doesn’t work which would help alleviate some of that problem. I never used netbeans as my main java editor, only eclipse and intellij, so I’m not familiar with the shortcuts. Is anyone using netbeans as their daily editor yet for ruby/rails?



Thanks that plugin is just what I was looking for. Now if only
something can be done about the speed with which the files come up
once you start typing the name. It takes upwards of 10 seconds for
the list to populate :frowning: And I'm using a macbook pro so it's not the
speed of the machine. Is there a noticeable slowdown for you when
using that project file open dialog? The other thing that's nice
about the textmate file open is that it uses regex matching where you
can type 'foocont' and foo_controller is almost always the first file
option. Anyway, enough complaining about the free software that I'm
trying to use. Assuming this plugin is open source I may have a look
and see if it can be improved a bit.

This editor is a view navigation shortcuts from views to templates to
tests and a few code snippets away from being the best ruby editor
I've used solely based on the luxury of having code completion once
again. I haven't visited a JDK javadoc API page in years and I hope
to be able to say that about ruby someday :slight_smile:

Again thanks for the tip.


Hello Folks,

The installation requirements for NetBeans and feature links for
reference :

[Link#1 Installation Reference]

[Link#2 More info about the IDE itself when compared with others ]

-- Arjun

Any mac users been able to set the encoding to utf-8? Not a major
issue as we('re supposed to) only use english ascii on our main
project anyway, but..