Nesting forms or a way around it?

Mati wrote:

I'm not really a web developer so I might be missing some potential
problems here, but from what I understand, there are many possible ways
around the problem:
a) Use one form around everything, but have the various Submit buttons rewrite the
form's "action" attribute to redirect the form to different actions or
even controllers. Each controller/action then decides, what data from
the form is relevant to that particular action and ignores the rest
b) Use one form, but have the various Submit buttons set some parameters
in a hidden field that your controller can see and decide what the
intended action was
c) Use multiple forms, but make them not nested in html. You could use
some css positioning (and/or javascript if necessary) to make them
visually appear in the right places


Another way is to dispose of either the outer form
or inner set of forms and instead submit that data
using submit_to_remote and its :submit parameter.