Nested Resources, REST, and overall strategy for syndication service

Hi folks. I was hoping to get a couple tips before I launched headlong
into my next project.

I am prototyping a content syndication service. There are two types of
application users:

- Content Providers supply content to the service (using web ui,
uploading files, web services)
- Content Re-packagers request content in various formats (xml, html,
rss, etc.)

Content Providers maintain one or more "channels". I am not sure I am
using the word "resource" correctly, but each channel "resource" has a
number of nested resources.

So, my question(s). Let's take a music analogy where a channel is
equivalent to an artist. A user might maintain multiple channels. A
channel has many nested resources ... shows, news, picture gallery,
picture, audio, album, album track, etc. Should I create a controller
for each and every model? Should I use controllers grouped into two
modules (e.g. Content In, Content Out)? Should I use REST with URLs
like ...


I know from a previous project that it really starts to look messy
when you start naming actions things like "edit_picture". I want this
to be clean with as little duplication as possible.

I am very new to this, and was just hoping to get started on the right