Nested hash parameters do not work with #link_to

Hi all,

Is it me or should this work:

<%= link_to("link", :a => {:b => 1}) %>

I expected:

But instead I get:

b1 is the #to_s form of {:b => 1}.

So, are my expectations wrong, or am I right ? If I'm right, where
should I look at to patch Rails ? Just a general pointer would be

Thanks !

I tried it on edge Rails. I get what you expected:

ActionController::Routing::Routes.generate({:a => {:b=>1}}, {:controller=>‘con’, :action=>‘act’})
#=> “/con/act?a[b]=1”

See relevant tests:

They were added in [6343]:

Hi !

Depends if they consider this a feature or a defect.

If it was "corrected" on trunk, I would think this is a defect that
needed correcting. Also [6343] closed three tickets, which would
imply this is something that needed work on.

Anyway, wait and see :slight_smile:

Thanks !