nested forms in rails 2.3


Is there a simpler way to implement the view-component of nested forms as it was done in Railscast #75 (Complex Forms Part 3) in Rails 2.3?

I'd like to add and remove the owned objects dynamically using AJAX requests, but using f.fields_for :object do |object_form| doen't let me load new objects into the form - or at least I don't fully understand how that should work.

Should I use fileds_for :object, iterator do |object_form instead? Does anyone know a simple example for this kind of usage on the web?

Thanks for any advice!

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I'm not sure exactly which bit you are stuck at but any modifications to the object association should be represented by fields_for. As one way you can get a new object template is to simply build a blank one on the collection, e.g: @parent = Parent.find(..) form_for @parent... do |f|   f.fields_for :assoc_objects do..      # Will have 'empty' here

Hope that helps.



Thanks for your answer!

Sorry, I mixed some things up in my question above.

I'd like the associated objects to be chosen from a select box using collection_select. The request data submitted to update the associated objects is:

object=>{ ... "associated_object_attributes"=>{"0"=>{"_delete"=>"0", "id"=>"1"}, "1"=>{"_delete"=>"0", "id"=>"3"}, "2"=>{"id"=>"3"}} }

So only the IDs are submitted. I seemingly have to handle this in the controller by myself because the other data of the associated objects is missing.

If I'm wrong I'd be very thankful if someone corrected me.

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