need your help

hi all, in real i need your help. we are working on a project and we need to know the functions of the files in the ruby gems like app_generator.rb, rails_generator.rb, ... etc so how can i get the functionality of these. is there any source or would anybody help with that? thanx a lot for your time

If you are serious about developing then I would thoroughly recomend getting a book to get you going. There are many to choose from and I have about 10 on my shelves for ruby/rails which is probably overkil!! Of these I would recomend Agile Web Development with Rails by Dave Thomas & David Hansson.


As a supplement to the other answer about books, there is the gem_server command, which sets up a web server on the machine pointing at the documentation for the gems you have installed.

Also make sure you have access to the ri command, which you get when you install docs for ruby at the ruby install time. (make install-doc)

        HTH         Hugh