Need to Know deployment a rails application on windows

It depends on what you mean by 'deploy'. If you want to use your windows box as a development server, this site should be fine. It'll tell you how to install and run RoR, as well as build a simple app to get you started:

If you mean you want to get ruby on rails interacting with IIS, you'll have to look here:

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try here:

Hi Manoj,

Do you really need to deploy your rails app on Windows ? In that case, mongrel would your best choice. But it's not really advisable.


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Windows deployment of Rails is possible.

@Pratik: It’s perfectly acceptable to run Rails in production on Windows… you will just suffer performance issuess due to Ruby running much slower on Windows. We run quite a few applications here that way. Running on Linux is a much better solution for larger applications because it takes much less resources.


Use the articles I wrote ( ) to get yourself started. The commands for running Mongrel have changed since those were written but you can figure those out via Mongrel’s command line.

Post specific questions back to this thread and I’ll try to help.