Need help with radio buttons.. Never seen this before

I have a list of people from a render partial. Each person has a field
called hoh. This is for head of household, and shows which person in
the house that mail should be addressed to. I have seen lists of radio
button pointing to the same variable that will only allow one button
to be selected at a time to show the value the variable is/will be.

What I want to do is to have a list of radio buttons, each pointing to
that person's hoh field with only one in the list selected at a time.
I will set a name in the household model based on the value found in
the person model

Can't find a way to do this with different variables referenced in the
radio_button call.
Please help with this or show me a different way to go..
By the way, I'm using Rails 2.3.9

Bob <>

So generate the radio button set using a common "name" attribute.

Have you read the radio_button doc? What part isn't clear?