Need help with image resizing and configuration in rails

Guillermo Gonzalez wrote:


I'm trying to finish a Ruby on Rails proyect for a client and I just
need someone to help me out with implementing a resizing function with
RMagic. I'm offering to pay a modest price according to the time
invloved in the task.

It's possible that I also need help with some configuration/performace
stuff, since I'm not really an expert (I come from the php world)

Page me or reply in this forum.


I have used attachment_fu with ImageScience for that purpose in an
existing application. But, I know a lot of people like Paperclip as

I found attachment_fu really easy to setup once I got ImageScience
installed and running. But, it equally supports RMagic as well. I just
didn't need all the extras of RMagic so I just used the smaller
ImageScience. I only needed resizing.