Need help in Los Angeles Area..

Full-time position. Looking for someone versatile who can help with
SQL, as well as, with ROR development for our intranet. Here's the

    * SQL language knowledge: SELECT, JOINS, TRIGGERS, STORED
    * Can figure out how to do the above in our 3 database engines:
(PostGre, MySQL, MS SQL)
    * Front-end knowledge: JavaScript, CSS, HTML
    * Any web language that is object oriented knowledge: PHP, Ruby,
Pearl, Java, etc.

Would be nice(not required at all):
    * Ruby on Rails knowledge.
    * xTuple knowledge (database structures, etc.)
    * SQL backend knowledge: PostGre, MySQL, MS SQL. Backup,
optimization, etc.
    * C++ to help with robotics stuff.

If you're interested, please send an email to
and I'll forward to HR.