Need advice: threads or Typhoeus?

Hi guys,

I need my app to make a few hundreds requests to external web services as quickly as possible. The web services are fairly fast, but still: if I do the requests one after the other, it is too slow. My understanding is I have two options: a- Threads. b- Typhoeus

Typhoeus seems great. Yet, the web services are all quite different (some are SOAP, some REST...) and therefore wrapped into interfaces. I might be able to implement Typhoeus but it means a lot of changes. I have read that threads in Rails can be challenging to implement especially when dealing with the DB. Yet, this part of my code doesn't do anything with ActiveRecord. Are threads generally "OK" if no connection to the DB is involved?

Thanks a lot for your recommendations.


Thanks Rodrigo.

The thing is, my main challenge here is speed: I have to wait for the answers to the requests to be able "continue". Therefore I am not sure about background processes (or delayed job): are they going to make the requests faster? Will they be able to run concurrently?

Thanks, Pierre