need a second set of eyes to help me

I think I am going blind, because I cannot find what is wrong with the
following. The bad thing is that I had it working, made couple of
changes, reverted back to the original, now it doesn't work.

I have been trying to figure out why this isn't working way too long,
to the point my vision is blurring.

<div style="border:3px solid #999">
  <% form_for :categories, :url => {:action => "show_tasks"} do |form|
  Select Category:
  <%= form.collection_select :name, @categories, :id, :name %>
  <%= submit_tag "View" %>
  <% end %>

here is the error message

NoMethodError in Mytasks#index
Showing app/views/mytasks/index.rhtml where line #10 raised:
undefined method `name' for #<Array:0xb7611edc>

Extracted source (around line #10):

7: <div style="border:3px solid #999">
8: <% form_for :categories, :url => {:action => "show_tasks"} do |
form> %>
9: Select Category:
10: <%= form.collection_select :name, @categories, :id, :name %>
11: <%= submit_tag "View" %>
12: <% end %>
13: </div>

Thanks for the help

Chris, @categories is your problem.

collection_select is iterating through @categories looking for

Take a look at your controller where you're populating @categories.

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Sorry, I should've mentioned that there has been no changes to the
controller since I had it working.
Here is the index method from the controller

  def index
    @categories = Category.find(:all)
    @tasks = []

But the error is in regards to to the *select control. If I remove
line 10 from the index.rhtml file it renders to the browser without
any errors.

Hi Chris, you should be able to do the following:

<%= form.collection_select 'task', 'category_id', @categories, 'id',
'<some_category_attribute>' %>

This invocation will generate a select tag name="task[category_id]" with
options of form <option
value="">category.<some_category_attribute></option>. The
option with == user.category_id will be selected.

Now, I'm guessing the following from you previous e-mail:

task belongs_to category
category has_many tasks

Thus, I'm seeing the following relationship:

class Task < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :category

class Category < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :tasks

Please note that Task model contains the foreign key, 'category_id',
because it has the belongs_to declaration.

Good luck,


Since I am just playing around with things I am constantly re-
formatting how things are arranged on the screen. How this is
supposed to work, is that at the top of the screen there is a select
list containing the categories, that combined within the button beside
it, allows the user to easily view the todo's for each of the

So the select control that I am having problems with isn't yet, at the
time of the problem, related to the tasks just yet. I want to fill
the select control with all the categories that exist in the database.

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

maybe this will help. I totally removed the linkage to the categories
and tried to hard code some values, with some random names

<div style="border:3px solid #999">
  <% form_for :categories, :url => {:action => "show_tasks"} do |form|
  Select Category:
  <%= "some_names", %w{Chris, Andy, Wally} %>
  <%= submit_tag "View" %>
  <% end %>

Here is the error message

Hi, you should be able to do the following:

1) Define this in the relevant model.

category_type = [
[ "Chris", "1" ]
[ "Andy", "2" ]
[ "Wally", "3" ]

2) Add this code to the relevant view.

<%= :some_names, <class_name>::category_type %>

Note: <class_name> := The name of your model class. For example,


Good luck,


Hi, here's the corrected version:

category_type = [
[ "Chris", "1" ],
[ "Andy", "2" ],
[ "Wally", "3" ]

Here is the updated snippet from the rhtml file