need a feed aggregator

want to aggregate interesting blogs / discussions related to software
testing field and keep it at one place

1. In the admin system I'll provide some information about the feed
this i will do
    * Name for the feed
    * Address of the fee (XML file address on the internet)

2. Based on this information - there should be some periodic job which
will run at a specific time, fetch latest article etc from their feed
and populate in our DB (need help in this )
3. Look at couple of feeds - they should all have similar fields and
we need to extract all the relevant data from them.
4. This aggregator should support all the popular feed format like -
RSS / ATOM etc

check out feedzirra. ryan bates of, has a great
screencast on using this tool...
i've written a blog post about installing it on ubuntu bc there are a
couple of dependencies which fight back...

i developed a very simple reader application you can see it here using feedzirra and a cron job. if you're
interested i can throw the source up on github.


thanks for reply…

i have implement the simmons feed aggreegator and stored in the db the feed now want to set the cront job for than