Native mysql gem vs pure-ruby gem (determing which is being used...) (FYI)

Hi all -

I just experienced a problem I didn't even realize I had. The problem was that I have installed the native mysql gem, but it wasn't being used. I base this on this post:

I tried that on my mac and it returned true. Looking through /usr/local/lib/ruby for revealed that it was in a different spot on my mac than on my linux box.

Specifically, the file:


did not exist. While it did (with slight path change) on my mac.

I copied the file from:


and checked again and it was now using that driver. It also reported an error relating to /etc/my.cnf (local sock) which seems to also confirm it.

I'm saying all this because I had thought the gem was installed. I had confirmed the .so file was created, etc. But it still wasn't being used.

And perhaps some other folks have the same issue. Or not. :slight_smile: