naming join models for has_many :through


I'm having trouble naming my join models. The tables in question are:

  - stores (list of company branches / stocking locations)
  - items (inventory items)
  - items_stores (item xyz is stocked by store_id 7, their re-order
point is 10, their sales price $27.50)
  - items_locations (store_id 7 keeps part xyz on shelf B252)

While I believe items_stores would be proper naming for a HABTM type
relationship, everything I've found says to make up a new name for
has_many :through join models.

I'd be willing to change any of these names if someone can suggest an
elegant solution.

Another issue I am confused about is the items_locations table. The
main reason I want this is to allow one store to keep a product in
multiple locations. Technically the locations information would be
associated with items_stores, but I don't think items_stores_locations
is a good name either. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions would be really appreciated - I've been coming back to
this problem for a long time now without any real progress.