named_scope returns Array -- find returns error?

From the documentation:

------------------------------ class Shirt < ActiveRecord::Base named_scope :red, :conditions => {:color => 'red'} end

Unlike Shirt.find(...), however, the object returned by is not an Array; it resembles the association object constructed by a has_many declaration. For instance, you can invoke,,, :conditions => {:size => ‘small’}) ------------------------------

So, ....) is valid according to the docs.

I have:

------------------------------ class Member < ActiveRecord::Base named_scope :active_members, :conditions => { :rcrd_status => 'Y' } end ------------------------------

And wish to call: Member.active_members.find(:all, :conditions => { ... })

But I'm getting the error: # ArgumentError (wrong number of arguments (2 for 1)): in `find'

Can you show us the exact line that fails please with a few lines each side, with line numbers, and the trace dump?

What happens if you use active_members without the find?


It's a pity there's no way to delete threads here. It turned out I had a class method with the same name. *slaps forehead*. Typical. Spend forever finding a bug, ask for help, find the answer yourself soon after! Sorry for the noise.