Named Route escaping problem

I've got a route:
map.find_stuff "/find_stuff/:near", :controller =>
"find_stuff", :action => "show"

Where the :near portion is user specified, so when users enter a place
with a period, the route doesn't match correctly. So I change it to
map.find_stuff "/find_stuff/:near", :near => /[^?]*/, :controller =>
"find_stuff", :action => "show"

This works correctly, the route will grab everything up to the
question mark if there is one and put it into the near param.

So my problem now is using the route helpers. If a user specifies
find_stuff_path(:near => 'aa?aa')
it fails, because a near with a question mark is invalid.

If I pass it in already escaped:
find_stuff_path(:near => 'aa%3Faa')
the route helper escapes the path itself and I end up with:
where the % has been re-escaped and this does not yield the original
value when I get the value out of the params.

Is there any clean way to solve this problem?

Is this a bug where the route segment validation should happen after
the escaping instead of before?

Does it work correctly even without the ? option? (i.e. :near=>/./).
Then the helpers should escape the value correctly and generate URLs
which can be recognized correctly.

The current behaviour is 'intentional', because you're meant to get a
routing error out the other side when you try to generate a route
which wouldn't be 'round trippable'.