Mysql issue

Quoting RubyonRails_newbie <>:


I'm getting the following error, whenever I attempt to accept or
decline a friend request:

Mysql::Error: Column 'created_at' in order clause is ambiguous: SELECT
`users`.id FROM `users` INNER JOIN `friendships` ON `users`.id =
`friendships`.friend_id WHERE (`users`.`id` = 115) AND
((`friendships`.user_id = 114) AND ((status = 'requested'))) ORDER BY
created_at LIMIT 1

Has anyone seen this before? I looked in the controller, but nothing
stands out.

Can anyone help?


The code has a join (or include) with two tables, both of which have
created_at fields. Put the desired table name you intend sort on in the
find) call. Change, find(..., :order => 'created_at') to find(..., :order =>
'users.created_at') or find(..., :order => 'friendships.created_at').