My rails app keeps on crashing and required server restart.

I have been looking for answer.but nothing quite fit my description. My
rails app keeps crashing with routing error.when i restart Apache, it
will go back to normal.users can logs in,do something on the app,logs
out n all.but then after
crashes again with same error no routes matched.then i need to restart
the server again. need no expert in this. i ve look at the app
log.all i see were the routing errors being logged.i need to find what
triggers it in the first place.

im using the old rails 1.2.6 and ruby 1.8.7 and Run on Apache2 server.
few years back it was ok.
please help.

ive attached together my log with the routing error, my routes.rb and my
rake routes results if it will do any help.

Please have a look and kindly help me solve it.


Look at what it's trying parse as a route:

ActionController::RoutingError (no route found to match
"/javascripts/prototype.lite.js" with {:method=>:get}):

That means the server did not find
Rails.root/public/assets/javascripts/prototype.lite.js and so went
searching in the application for such a route, where it really
hopefully should not find one.

I have no recollection of how Rails 1.2.6 handled javascript and other
assets; in Rails 3.x there is the "asset pipeline" which makes working
with assets very nice.

p.s. Please don't attach regular text files as rtf; quite a bother.

sorry. i ve attached plain txt set :slight_smile:

i hope i did not get any1 comfused by my term of crash.crash as in the
page didnot find all the js & css, hence the page was css-less &
js-less.and all the links did not work.

i have checked the js files and as expected,they are all in place.
the odd thing is, whenever i restart, it goes back to normal op.i mean
it finds all the js and css.???

at first i thought it is because maybe i did not code right in any of
my pages. but then sometimes the crash just happen, and nobody logs in

i know the rails ver is very old.buut could it be because of that?


On old versions like the OP is using the js is found in RAILS_ROOT/public/javascripts as bundler is not used.