My own conf settings

Hi there!

After reading up in the wiki, I was wondering about adding a certain
configuration variable to my rails app. What's the "best way to do it"?
What are you using?

I'm coming from Django, where you have a settings object you import from
django.conf.settings. This provides for a unique point to check on
settings. It also makes it easy to fake settings for testing purposes
using a mock'ed settings object.

What's the idea behind rails settings? Just global vars? A certain
object's properties, like in django? Are they just vars "injected" into
the environment? Where do I check and maybe alter the settings in

I'm aware that some of the above might not be "the path to light", but
my engineer mind needs to understand it all, how it works, in and out.
And rails is anything but transparent, with all that magic :wink:

Thanks everyone!

You can add your own settings to configuration class. Look in your
config/environment.rb. Here is some documentation on it


Chris Hoeppner wrote:

What I do:

# in config/environment.rb

Module Site

Then you can call on Site::HOME_PLANET from anywhere.

Rails 2 also allows for loading config settings from any file under config/initializers/ so you can modularize and organize even further.

--Andrew Vit