Multiple threads writing to the same Starling queue doesn't work?

Hi guys,

I can't find a clear answer to this: is it possible/correct to have several threads write to the same Starling queue at the "same time"?

It doesn't seem reliable according to my tests - but maybe I am doing something wrong.

If I do:

def test_starling

  FooWorker.asynch_foo_test(:my_id => 'foo')   temp =   for i in 1..1000     temp << {|random_value| do_stuff(random_value)}   end

  temp.each do |t|     t.join   end end

def do_stuff(lvalue)   starling ='localhost:22122')   starling.set('foo', :rvalue => lvalue) end

# In FooWorker:

def foo_test(options)   starling ='localhost:22122')   while true     temp = starling.get(options[: my_id].to_s)     puts temp.inspect   end end

Some of the queue values don't get output to the console (randomly).

I could get it to work with a mutex but it doesn't seem right to me - there should be a way to do that without having to lock the queue?

Thanks, Pierre