Multiple inserts in ActiveRecord

Hey rails-talk, I have a little question: How do you handle multiple inserts like these in ActiveRecord? It's for a little Camping app that skylerrichter is writing, but it's just plain, simple ActiveRecord, so it shouldn't really be any difference from a Rails app:

    @company = Company.create(       :name =>,       :sub_domain => @input.subdomain)

    # Create the first user:     @user = User.create(       :company_id =>,       :first_name => @input.first_name,       :last_name => @input.last_name,       :email =>,       :password => @input.password)

Both Company and User has validations, so there's a possibility that they don't actually get saved to the DB, and in that case I don't want *any* of them to be saved. I was thinking about something like this:

    begin       Company.transaction do         @company = Company.create!(           :name =>,           :sub_domain => @input.subdomain)

        @user = User.create!(           :company_id =>,           :first_name => @input.first_name,           :last_name => @input.last_name,           :email =>,           :password => @input.password)       end     rescue       @errors = [@company, @user]       render :errors     else       redirect Login     end

But I'm wondering if there's a better (more Rails-y) way to solve this?