Multiple has_one to same table

Your input/experience appreciated. I have noticed multiple
discussions regarding husband and wife. But none really end in a
"this is a the best way to handle things." Here is my situation. I'm
recording information on couples -- husband and wife, one of each. If
the two are no longer married, the couple will evaporate. If either
person is deleted, then couple will evaporate. I originally thought
of having all individuals in one table, persons, and then creating
couple with alink to each person.

# == Schema Information
# Schema version: 20100620123354

Of course, you can stop at level 7 or 8 if it suits you.

Outside of the fact that there is *really* excellent information in
what your link provides, did it have to be so politically charged???

I can at least feel good that I am already at level seven, and some
semantic changes puts me at eight. I would say stopping at eleven
works for me (no sex or gender on table), but having gives us a bit of
a heads up when talking with prospective couples on the phone.
Knowing Terry or Sam or Francis is a woman gives us a little more

So is the couple/partnership a child of the person table? Are
partners 1 & 2 a belongs_to to Person? Do I try to do a habtm on
person's itself using a spouse id?

I'm pretty green on setting up the syntax of all this. Not to mention
figuring out the database constraints on the table itself.


You provided this link elsewhere. This one, too, is excellent for
setting up the syntax.

Have a good one!