Multiple Controllers in a page?

Hi all,

I recently posted this on the ruby group instead of here :frowning:

but here is what I am attempting to do.

I am building a site, and I wish to populate the navigation dynamically from a MySQL db table, and the page content from a different table.

The idea being I can have the navigation on every page, and use different controllers to select different content depending on what is needed.

example: The Event page content comes from a page table where id = someValue but I also need some events (days out etc, presentations), they come from the events table.

I am confused how to put all the pieces together in one page.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?

1) About the Navigation:

  add a before_filter to your app controller that calls a method to build the data for your sidebar

before_filter :build_sidebar .... private def build_sidebar   if controller_name = "page"     do something   elseif controller_name = "someothercontroller"     do somethingelse   end end

and then render your navigation partial in your layout (application.rhtml): <%= reder :partial => :navigation %> and in your _navigation.rhtml you build your naviation based on the variables/data populated in the beforefilter.

2') about the "different controllers in one page" i think you are thinking the wrong way. you have a controller for each Model, and want to put those controllers together. You dont need 1 controller for each model. Instead, you should have a controller for each section/logic of your site, and in each of these controllers you access various Models to create your views etc.