Multiple Array Declarations.

Hello Rubyites,

Seems like this is a newbie question but want to get rid of it asap.
Googled but found nothing.

I have some arrays(10 arrays) which i am using in my code. Now
declaraing/defining each/every array is redudant code as like
array1, array2... array10 = [], [],...[]

Is there any other possible solution to this?

array1= array2… = array10 = []

I am sorry but i knew that as well. Is there any way to do it using
foreach method.

I mean like:-

1.upto 10 do { |i|
  "array#i" = []

Sandip Ransing wrote in post #973867:

array1= array2… = array10 = []

This is very different - array1, array2 are being set to the same array rather than all being set to separate empty arrays.

I can’t think of a more concise way of creating 10 arrays other than not doing it: if you have that much state you are accumulating, perhaps you would be served by an array of your own data structures or something like that


If the data you are supplying for your arrays is random then I would
go with just a multidimensional array, smth. like this:
a = [ [1,2,3,4], [5,6,7,8], [9,10,11,12], [13,14,15,16] ].
But you your data is more predictable and can be expressed with code /
algorithm, then try using iterator:
length = 10
a =
length.times do |i|
  a[i] = %w(this is an array of strings)