MS-SQL deliveres binary image as array


I need to display images stored in a MS-SQL database but I get the
following error:

NoMethodError (undefined method `unpack' for #<Array:0x48cbff0>):
    c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/base64.rb:59:in `decode64'

I guess its because MS-SQL delivers an arry...

Is there a solution to this problem??

Please help me!

NoMethodError (undefined method `unpack' for #<Array:0x48cbff0>):
    c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/base64.rb:59:in `decode64'

From this is looks to me like some code is attempting to decode the
image data from Base64. Are you sure your image data is encoded using
Base64? I tend to doubt it. MS-SQL is likely just storing the raw binary
data. So it makes sense the you would have an array of bytes.

It would be helpful if you could post the code that you're using to
display the image. Normally in RoR there is a method that returns the
raw image data from a request with the proper content-type header. For
example the content-type header for a JPEG would be image/jpeg.

Somehow your application needs to tell the browser what the binary data
represents. It could be pretty much anything (JPEG, GIF, PDF, etc). This
is typically accomplished using the send_data method.

Here's an example:
def sales_graph
  png_data = Sales.plot_for(
  send_data(png_data, :type => "image/png", :disposition => "inline")

Günther Lackner wrote:


Thanks for your reply. The function in the controller looks like this:

def get_front_image
device = Device.find(:first, :conditions => ["ID1 = ?", params[:id]])
@front = device.THUMBFRONT
send_data (@front,:type => 'image/gif',
    :filename => 'front_view.gif',
    :disposition => 'inline')

You might be right, it could be a byte array... but how can I display

best regards

Robert Walker wrote: