Moving a record


I'd like to move a record from one table to another. I've been
reading the documentation, and I think I can accomplish this by
finding the record, creating a new record with those attributes, and
then removing the first one. First, is there a better way to do this?

Next question, if I do go this way, do I have to specify every column
that is going to be inserted into the database? For example, I would
have to do this....

.new(:col1 => blah, :col2 => blah, :col3 => blah).save

or can I just use the results from the previous find and insert them
into the .new() part? I tried to put the @results in
(.new(@results).save), but that obviously didn't work.


Ah, thank you very much... a little tweaking of the code and it


thanks for your help!!!!