Move . to optional_separators in Routing?

I wanted to check on this before submitting a patch - see if I am
missing anything. If you have a non resource route (useful, even when
doing REST, for supplying a different limited public access to your
rest controller, say) you have to add the format to the route
yourself, but having "." be in separators, but not optional causes
problems with ".:format" rules. If you add the .:format, then (on
edge), the . becomes required, and even if you default format to html,
you still need to add the . to your url (ugly).

I checked /actionpack/lib/action_controller/routing.rb/RouteBuilder
(line 799) and found this
def initialize
   self.separators = Routing::SEPARATORS
   self.optional_separators = %w( / )
so there seems to be no way to override optional_separators. Adding
" ." seemed to work for my needs, but before submitted a patch and
tests I wanted to check on this. Should it be changed to %w( / . ) or
Routing::OPTIONAL_SEPARATORS, and if the latter, should the default be
%w( / . )?

This nicely supplements yesterday's changeset adding the .:format to
the default route: as it
allows for leaving the trailing dot off if there is a default format.
Thus both Rails style and .format style URLS work.