Move sanitize helper to ActiveSupport?

I wanted to make an ActiveRecord mod that added a "sanitize_html"
function that caused the attributes listed as its parameters to be
automatically stripped of dangerous HTML segments through use of

It was a bit messy to get working because I had to pull part of
ActionPack into ActiveRecord, and also avoid a clash with the AR
sanitize method (used for database quoting).

To make it much easier to call sanitize in AR I would suggest it be
moved to an ActiveSupport class, and from there made available as a
ActionView helper. I think storing these attributes in sanitized form
is a good alternative to sanitizing on every display.

Perhaps the same should be done for

Code for sanitize_html:

class ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.sanitize_html(*attrs)
    unless ActiveRecord::Base.const_defined?('Sanitization')
      require_gem 'actionpack'
      ActiveRecord::Base.class_eval <<-EOF
        class Sanitization
    before_validation "#{attrs.inspect}.each {|attr| self[attr] =

Agreed, as well as for textilize and many others. I don't think any real production app does the textilize process when rendering pages. Now the helper needs to be hacked (or duplicated) to AR on every app.