Mootools, Rails and Ajax

Recently, I've decided to include the excellent mootools in my
So, out prototype and scriptaculous, in mootools.

Everything went well up to the point i had to add some ajax into the

I am ok not to use remote_ helpers, but it seems nothing comes back...
As a newbie in this whole rails environment, i think i'm getting into
something much bigger than my scope of knowledge.

so basically, i have in js a request that looks like this:

new Ajax('/test',

and in my controller:

def test
render "you passed #{params[:data]}

but absolutely nothing is passed to my debug, and no alert is being

please.... help :frowning:

I got to use firebug, which is great :slight_smile: thks,
now my ajax request goes thorugh i run into another problem of
returning a response without the use of

does anyone have an example of a typical response that wouldn't use
page.insert_thml or page.replace_html ??

I too came across same problem. I am using mootools with rails. Can you
help in solving how to handle ajax response and request.

Nguma Monene wrote: