moo.fx / RJS / Rails

Is there any available way to integrate tightly with moo.fx instead of Scriptalicous? I would like to try and keep the JS light and the moo.fx stuff looks a little nicer IMHO. My issue is getting all the nice integration that exists with scriptalicious to work in RJS and the other rails functions. Is this possible?

It is possible no doubt. But I think it is more work than it is worth. You would end up practically writing every helper and component that uses scriptaculous again for moo.fx. If you do have too much time on your hands you could put your effort out to the world. But my experience is that neither moo.fx or scriptacolous are a big difference. I've not noticed any speed increases in using moo.fx instead of scriptaculous. And the fact that moo.fx alters the prototype library in it's cause (AFAIK) always bothered me.

If you wan't to use another library for effects, you might want to consider jQuery it works with scripaculous if you call <script ...> jQuery.noConflict()</script>