Mongrels don't restart on Reboot

Hi All,

I'm trying what seems like a textbook deployment of Rails on an Ubuntu Server. * I have a mongrel_cluster with 5 Mongrels behind an Apache server

I have been trying to follow the guides on how to get this to start up on reboot and just can't seem to get it done! The guides make it seem easy, but I can't get it to work - so, I'm doing something wrong and can't find what it is.

Here's the setup: * I'm using the Bitnami Ruby/ Rails Stack on AWS * The root user on login is bitnami and is without password * The login is using a pair of keys and putty * I created a new deployment user called xmongrel with a group xmongrel * I used mongrel_rails cluster::configure with the full path to the app and N=5 * Ruby is in /opt/bitnami/ruby * The app is a Radiant site in /opt/bitnami/projects/rails_s04 * As the user bitnami, doing this does not start the mongrel_rails: > mongrel_rails cluster::start * After I do 'su xmongrel' and log in with the password, it works: > mongrel_rails cluster::start * I have mongrel_cluster copied to /etc/init.d * I have also done: > sudo /usr/sbin/update-rc.d -f mongrel_cluster defaults      (It gave me a warning about missing LSB info - though the script looked ok!)

I have been at this for quite a few hours now, and I'm still not getting anywhere.

What can I do to debug/ fix the problem? Any help will be appreciated.

Best Regards, Mohit. 7/11/2010 | 12:52 AM.