mongrel_upload_progress issues


I've been trying to use the mongrel_upload_progress gem to implement a
file upload progress indicator. The progress bar doesn't work properly:
it starts at 0% and it jumps to 100%.

I realized this is because the progress() function in the controller
does get periodically called, but the @status object is nil. I think the
@status object contains the current upload data. That is because nobody
is calling the Mongrel::Uploads.add(upid, size) function at the start of
the download. It is this function which initializes @status. I added
that as a new AJAX call, however, I don't know where to get the size
from (so I hard-coded it for now). Even like this, it doesn't work 100%
well. Now I do see a new line that says "X bytes of XMB uploaded", but
the progress bar is still not being incremented. You might say that the
upload is too fast: not true; I tried different sizes with different

My question is: did anyone manage to get this mongrel_upload_progress to
work successfully? What kind of modifications to the sample files did
you make? Is this really used in production by anyone?